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Sidereal Light: Volume One

by Crow Black Sky

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Dave Aftandilian
Dave Aftandilian thumbnail
Dave Aftandilian By turns shadowed and majestic, intimate and distant, soaring and funereal, these sprawling synth- and blast beat-driven tunes paint a bleak canvas evoking the vast, pitiless emptiness between the stars. The detached, screamed lyrics subtly sing into being the birth, flourishing, and slow decay of planets, stars, and galaxies. All things are devoured in time by the infinite blackness of space, including time itself.... Favorite track: To Fathom the Stars.
Τέιλορ Μπερνς
Τέιλορ Μπερνς thumbnail
Τέιλορ Μπερνς From open to close, this piece is terrific in its ability to put one's mind in the mood, and leave one captured by the sound played within these tracks. Favorite track: Veils.
wayne-the-devil thumbnail
wayne-the-devil This is Black Metal wrapped in silk. Very good early year release.
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Ascendant 05:22
Beckoning, the abyss roars behind All-consuming nexus of might Falling, observing am I Ascending, transcending space and time Traversing the deafening divide I soar towards the gateway inside Therein storm long-confined Elements, chaos, and light Seething for aeons bright A thousandfold intensified Mortal flesh cast aside Eternity before my eyes Passing through the paradigm I behold, but dare not describe
The midnight heavens whisper in tongues of ancient light Their sources now transfigured through aeons long gone by Innumerable worlds with atmospheres untold Frigid peaks and landscapes, volcanic afterglow Waters encircling with stirrings of life Proliferations that gradually give rise The stars attended by their creations Harnessed by elder civilizations Forging the cosmos through splendrous ruination Sowing their substance for distant generations Stars die, worlds form, life arises and falls The galaxies in their billions, spirals and spheres With wings of woven stars inclined to cohere Structures of sidereal light merging as one With myriads of alien worlds awakening, orbiting their suns Within this existence and cosmos so vast We are nothing, as is our past Observing their motions and workings from afar With reverence, with worship, with wonder, I fathom the stars
Absolute cold Unending nonexistence Desolate spaces Forsaken and hopeless Immensity boundless Sightless and soundless Lightless, Lifeless Unfathomable nothingness Colossal cosmic desert Void vacuum of night With no trace of origins Descendants of consciousness Still search for answers Looking to empty skies Adrift in blackest of oceans, the waning islands of light Have departed all horizons, forever out of sight Immensity boundless Sightless and soundless Lightless, Lifeless Unfathomable nothingness
Veils 08:50
Hollow and fated, existence obscures The prefabricated illusion of will There are no saviours, and death is ensured Every thought instilled Hope is fruitless and purpose is blind Drawing veils over our eyes Over nothing our choices preside We are born and we die Where the seas meet the skies Between the trees and mountainsides I may breathe, may resign The stifling dream may subside But clarity returns with time All of this will fade from sight Sentenced to serve, our futures await Not that we deserve to deviate Follow the herd, do not be afraid The release of death unravels the way Illusions of will, our thoughts are instilled Existence obscures, death is ensured With veils over our eyes, we are born and we die


On 17 January 2018, Crow Black Sky returns with Sidereal Light: Volume One, the first offering in a series of cosmic black metal releases.

As always, we release our music for free download on our website, www.crowblacksky.com.


released January 17, 2018

Credit to Angelica Lüthi for assistance with artwork and design.


all rights reserved



Crow Black Sky Cape Town, South Africa

Crow Black Sky is a black metal band from South Africa, founded in April 2009.

On 17 January 2018, Crow Black Sky returns with Sidereal Light - Volume One, the first offering in a series much darker than the earlier styles. The lyrical concepts include topics such as the cosmos, time, and existence. ... more

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